Modern & Comprehensive Boutique Medical Experience

Redesigned Practice Based On Latest Therapies & Technologies

Lyons Care Associates is a multidisciplinary team committed to the treatment of cancer, breast and abdominal health, and overall wellness. Headed by Dr. Samuel D. Lyons, our team of experts are dedicated to screening and treating cancer with an individualized approach. Our team utilizes the most innovative therapies and procedures that assist in modifying patient’s lifestyles for better treatment and prevention of cancer to live a healthy happy life.

Our practice is based on the following four pillars:


Evidence Based Surgical Oncology and Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. Samuel D. Lyons has thirty years of experience in general and oncologic surgery with a focus on breast, stomach, colorectal and other abdominal procedures. His many years of expertise ensure the smallest possible incisions, least amount of down-time, a great cosmetic result, and ensuring our patients receive the very best up-to-date treatment available.


Evidence Based Complementary-Alternative Medicine

Dr. Samuel D. Lyons and PA Heidi Sarkozy believe that it is important to have a holistic approach to cancer care and treating any medical disorder. Research has found, the many ancient practices that have been taken for granted in the past by medical providers are now in fact, equally important to the healing process from cancer or other diseases. Practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage greatly improve one’s quality of life, lower stress, and pain levels. Here at Lyons Care Associates, we want to incorporate these practices in our patients’ care when possible.


Cancer Genetics and Genomics

Genetic testing has become a much more commonplace in the world of cancer treatment and screening. Knowing your personal genetic make-up can help understand your risk level and guide the doctors in creating your individualized treatment plan. Generic testing is readily available in our Medical Clinic. Our Genetic Services Office will be coming soon to better assist our patients!


Evidence based Lifestyle Medicine

We offer courses to bring our patients strong, evidenced-based recommendations to optimize diet, improve physical performance, mange stress surgical treatments, and build communities of support to meet the challenges of disease management. Moreover, the service incorporates the expertise of Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches.

Our Services

Our Practice revolves around your unique medical requirments.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

( ERAS )

ERAS is a multi-modal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. The principle is to focus on certain critical matters prior to procedures in order to set up for a quicker, more complication-free recovery period.








Anti Aging Services


Cancer Screening


Cancer Survivorship


General Surgical Services


Oncoplastic Surgery


Wound Care Expertise


What Our Patients Are Saying

Lena M.

Friendly, Helpful, Hopeful.

Carol G.

Everyone was very helpful from checking in to scheduling new appointments

Glennis O.

Heidi is great! Very professional.

Morris J.

Took time to answer all our questions and DID NOT make me feel like they had to run off to be with another patient.

Kathleen K.

My visit from check in to check out was very welcoming, and Dr. Lyons an awesome doctor, always has been since he took care of my mom.

Barbara D.

Great people. Always helpful.

Carmen G.

Dr. Lyons and Staff provided me with good care and support!

Lois K.

It was fast and efficient, all my questions was answered. Very satisfied with my visit.

Jodi F.

I didnt see Dr. Lyons but saw his guy PA. Cant remember his name. Pre-senior moment??. He was very nice and helpful.

Katherine D.

Appointment went smoothly! Mahalo to all !

Naomi M.

Heidi answered all my questions and was very professional and friendly.

Carlotta R.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lyons for many many years and I trust him totally his staff has been wonderful no problems at all seen any of his assistance in the front office is very very friendly and helpful.

Brenda P.

The doctor was very pleasant n really enjoyed him the way he explained my results. Very friendly n outgoing.

Loretta S.

Very personable

Patsy T.

All staff very approachable, helpful and friendly.

Pamela P.

Dr. Lyons and his staff are very warm and friendly. Their support in my care has been wonderful.

Mildred R.

Caring and professional

Dawn H.

It was a good visit

Jodi F.

I didnt see Dr. Lyons but saw his guy PA, Melford. He was very nice and helpful.

Lyons Care Associates

Modern & Comprehensive Boutique Medical Experience