Cancer Survivorship

After 25 years of practice on Maui, Dr. Lyons has witnessed and savored the tremendous progress that has been made in Cancer Management. Over this period, the number of patients who survive Cancer has increased tremendously. The success of cancer treatment now allows us to focus not just on merely surviving a cancer diagnosis, but actually surviving with a better quality of life. Breast Cancer Survivors and Gastrointestinal Cancer Survivors lead all others in years lived after diagnosis and offer unique opportunities to improve the quality of life in the Survivorship years. To this end, LCA will focus intently on offering state of the art management of the following post treatment conditions:

Lymphedema Monitoring and Management

Lymphedema is a swelling of the arm that can occur after multiple lymph nodes have been removed from the arm-pit. There are procedures that help prevent or even reverse this condition, however the results are best if this is caught early on in the process. Please call our office to schedule a consultation if you think you are developing lymphedema.

Post treatment weight gain

Restoring Body Image and Breast Aesthetics after surgery and radiation

Intensive, evidence based monitoring for cancer recurrence

Intensive, evidence based monitoring for other cancers

Strategies for managing post-treatment fatigue

Strategies for managing post-treatment psycho-social issues

(depression, anxiety, treatment related intimacy problems)

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