We offer courses to bring our patients strong, evidenced-based recommendations to optimize diet, improve physical performance, and manage stress after surgical treatments. Also build communities of support to meet the challenges of disease management. Moreover, the service incorporates the expertise of Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches.

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.”


In our intimate classroom setting, this six-week course will cover the importance of exercise. You will learn the evidence & science behind how physical activity improves health & reduces chronic disease. Also you will receive specific exercise routines with other group members.


This six-week course will cover nutrition choices that will lengthen your life, help fight cancer, and chronic disease. Included in this course, we offer cooking demos of healthier meal choices for a hands-on experience.

Sleep and Stress Management

Research studies have proven that stress management can improve health and reduce incidences of disease. In this six-week course, you will learn techniques on mindfulness, meditation, and learn key tools for improving sleep.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Pamela P.

“As a cancer patient of Dr. Lyons, I had the opportunity to participate in the Lifestyle sessions. The sessions provide information and education in nutrition, exercising, stress management and many other areas in a comfortable, relaxed environment. The benefits have provided such a positive impact in my everyday living. I am forever grateful to Dr. Lyons and his caring Staff.”

Diana D.

“The lifestyle courses have provided me the necessary tools of good habits. Encouraged me to continue eating, exercising, and sleeping better. So, in my senior prime time I can be healthy and happy.”

Courtney G.

“As a cancer survivor; the Lifestyle Program offered is the most pro-active transformation I have ever made for my body, mind and soul. The regimen has taken me outside of myself and into a life of perpetual renewal. I am so grateful for the science and the tools to make deep, lasting change… which goes beyond my cancer diagnosis and affects my entire state of health and well-being. By all measurement-whether blood work, BMI, body-fat or weight- I have made tremendous improvement. I have fully integrated the program into my life and there is no going back, ever. There is too much joy and life ahead.”

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