Comprehensive Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Services

Lyons Care Associates is proud to announce our State of the Art, Comprehensive Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Services. It is our mission to Personalize and Optimze the Management of Genetically Linked Cancer.  Through our Partnership with the Invitae Genetics Company of San Francisco, we stand ready to share with the world, the optimal management of our unique population.

As Co-Investigator, Lyons Care Associates participated in a National Research Project to better understand Cancer Risk. Lyons Care Associates has evidence that the Maui County (Maui, Lanai, and Molokai), as well as the State of Hawaii – contain a predominance for “special risk populations” that require specialized managment.

“Genetics is Extremely Powerful”

– Samuel D. Lyons, M.D.

Evidence-Based Cancer Risk Assesment

CLIA – Approved Genetics Lab Service

PRE / POST Testing Consultations

Long Term Follow Up

Cancer Risk-Management Recommendation

Genetic Testing has become a much more commonplace in the world of cancer treatment and screening. Knowing your personal genetic make-up can help understand your risk level and guide the doctors in creating your individualized treatment plan.

Multi-gene panel testing tests a large number of genes that are associated with various types of cancer. You may have heard about BRCA1 and 2 (Angelina Jolie’s gene mutation), however there are many other genes that are not as talked about in the media. These genetic tests are collected in our office and sent to a laboratory for evaluation. Dr. Samuel D. Lyons, PA Heidi Sarkozy, and APRN Melford Lazarte use these genetic test results to help assess your risk of developing cancer and/or recurrence.

Expedited Enhances Surveillance Strategies

“Special Populations” Risk Managment

Accurate and Affordable Testing

Comprehensive, Accurate Family Cancer History

Affordable Services for Family Members of Patients with Serious Genetic Risks

      Kelley Acosta: Genetic Navigator                                  Kapua Atay: Co-Navigator

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