Breast Cancer Awareness Month Media Statement:

In conjunction with the October Recognition of Breast Cancer and its Survivors, LCA announces its most ambitious service campaign to date to change the Standard of Genetic Testing For Our community and perhaps the state of Hawaii.
KaLai-Oewe (The Study of Ancestry):  A  state of the art cancer genetic testing and cancer risk-assessment service:
Moving Cancer Care From: One Size Fits All…To One Size Fits One…The Ultimate in Personalized Cancer Care
In 2017 LyonsCareAssociates was selected to participate in a National Research Project to evaluate and optimize genetic testing for breast cancer survivors (TME-Invitae Genetic Testing Project).  The results of that trial were recently   reported at two national meetings and is pending publication. The results of this trial , the knowledge gained and the national relationships made form the foundation of our new service.  Service elements:
1. State of the art risk assessment models
2.  Affordable,CLIA Certified, accurate genetic testing by a leading Genetics Lab
3.  Informed consent and expert follow up and counseling for all results.
4.  Constant upgrading of risk models and genetic testing to allow the most accurate results and management.
5.  Expert Genetic Counseling support
6.  Dedicated Genetics Office and Clinical Staff separate from our main surgical services.

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