Oncoplastic Surgery

There have been many strides toward maintaining a great cosmetic result and yet still treating the cancer. Dr Lyons is proficient in the latest techniques in merging plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast with the treatment of the cancer. This includes smaller and well-hidden incisions, making sure the breast does not appear deformed after a lumpectomy, saving the nipple and as much skin as possible and reducing and lifting the opposite breast when needed.

Fat Grafting

This is a procedure that takes fat from another part of your body via liposuction and replants it into the breast where you are missing breast tissue.

Implant-Related Surgery

If you had your breast implants placed over ten years ago you should have an evaluation to see how the implants are doing and if they need to be changed or removed. If you are already having problems or concerns with your implants we can address any concern and offer you the latest recommendations on implant solutions.


This procedure removes a small portion of breast tissue that has cancer or other precancerous tissue.

Dr. Lyons uses his plastic surgery knowledge to hide the incisions so that there is minimal visible scaring and keeps the breast as intact as possible.


If there is a large cancer or recurrent cancer, or you are at very high risk of developing cancer in the future, sometimes removal of the entire breast tissue is the best option.

If possible we will keep your nipple and all your skin and only remove the breast tissue on the inside, this will allow you to have the best possible reconstruction of your breast.

We will make sure you get a plastic surgery consultation so that you can have the option to reconstruct your breast at the same time as your mastectomy surgery.

Tissue Expander Placement

This is the first step in reconstruction after a mastectomy, the surgeon will place a temporary implant called a ‘Tissue Expander’ in the same space where your breast was removed.

It starts out small and can be expanded to the desired size slowly over a period of 1-2 months. After everything heals, this is replaced with a permanent implant.

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy of Breast

This is a minimally invasive, rapid test to get a sample of breast tissue while you are awake in the doctor’s office.

The area gets anesthetized first and then a very small incision is made, after that a device is used to take a small core sample of breast tissue and this is sent to the lab for evaluation. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Image-Guided Biopsies

Using the ultrasound in the office, the doctor may need to take a very small sample of an area of your breast that is suspicious for cancer. This is sent to the lab for evaluation. This is typically painless and there is no downtime afterwards.

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